How to Line up the Front Wheels of an ATV Four-Wheeler

All-terrain vehicles have four-wheel drive, since they are designed to be driven over rocks, down muddy roads and through rough conditions. Just like on a regular vehicle, in order to get proper traction and wheel wear, the tires need to be in alignment. If they are not lined up correctly, they will move in separate directions and could cause you to crash or lose traction. Since ATV tires are exposed and are not inside wheel wells such as automotive tires, they are easy to align yourself.

Yamaha 4 wheel

Things You’ll Need

  • Tire-pressure gauge
  • Air compressor
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk
  • Wrench


  1. Adjust the tire pressure. In order to get the correct alignment, the tires need to have the correct amount of air in them. The maximum air inflation number will be listed on the side of each tire. Follow its guidelines, and use the tire-pressure gauge to test each wheel. They should be at 80 percent of the maximum number. If any need inflating, turn on the air compressor, and put air into each one until all four are equal.
  2. Measure out the center of each of the front tires width wise (from one sidewall of the tire to the other.) Draw a small chalk mark down the center of the tire at that location. Pull the handlebars until they are perfectly straight, then examine the chalk marks. If either of the tires is not parallel to the frame when the handles are straight, then that tire is out of alignment.
  3. Adjust the tie rod. The tie rod connects the tire directly to the steering column and is located behind the axle. It has threads on each end: one with normal threads and one with reverse threads. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts that hold the tie rod in place, then move the wheel into the correct position and tighten up the nuts. This will hold the wheels in the correct alignment

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Credit: Ehow