Rear Wheel Removal : Honda Chain Drive Motorcycles

Replacing the rear wheel on a motorcycle is not difficult. Follow these few steps and you will have no problems. What is show in this video can be applied to most motorcycles with a chain or belt drive.

To get started, get your rear wheel off the ground with either the centre stand or a jack. Loosen the chain tension guided on each side of the motorcycle. Take out the cotter pin on the axle retaining bolt. Loosen the axle retaining bolt. Put something under the rear tire to keep the wheel from falling to the floor once the axle is removed. Using a screwdriver pull the axle through. Now your wheel should be ready to pull out.

BRAKES!!!! DO NOT press the rear brake level when the wheel is out. With no brake disk in the brake caliper by pressing the level you will make the brake pistons over extend, then you have a BIG problem to deal with 😦 Tie the brake caliper up so it does not dangle on the hoses. Use a tie-wrap or a bungie for this.

SPACERS!! Your wheel will have spacers in the hub which are loose and easily lost. Mark which side each spacer came out of and keep them. The shop will lose them for you if you leave them in the wheel 😦

Pull your wheel out and bring it to the shop.

When you are ready to reinstall the wheel reverse the procedure.

Credit:Β Andrew Mercer

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