Yamaha – R6 Oil Change


You will NEED.

1. 17mm wrench for oil pan bolt.

2. Oil catch pan. Enough for 4 quarts.

3. Preferably a race stand but not imperative.

4. 4 Quarts of Yamalube or a qualified replacement.

5. Oil Filter. I use the Mobil1 M1-110.

6. It’s always a good idea to have a service manual handy to cross reference.


1. Remove your front left lower fairings so you can access the front and bottom of your engine.

Have a little pan to put loose bolts in so you don’t lose them.

2. It’s preferable to have at least a rear stand to get the bike higher but just placing it on some study bricks will work. Just make sure you don’t tip the bike over. That sucks.

3. I recommend wrapping the headers around the oil plug in tin foil so oil doens’t leak all over them. Nothing sucks more (not really) than smelling burning oil for the next 20,000 miles.

4. Place the container that can receive the 4(ish) quarts of oil under the bike. There should be a bolt that screws into the engine at the bottom. Put it right under that bolt.

5. Remove the bolt. If there is a washer on the bolt don’t lose it. If you don’t have one you may want to consult your manual to see if you are supposed to.

6. Oil should be flowing into your container.

7. Once the oil has been completely drained remove the oil filter located on the left side of the engine. It sh0uld look just like a car oil filter and probably black in color. I use the Mobil1 M1-110 and I get them from my local Autozone. You will need to remove the gear selector rod by loosening the top crimper, it will slide right off after that.

8. Put a new coat of oil on the seal on the new filter.

8. While the oil is draining from the sump, you can remove the oil filter. If you have the Filter wrench, this is a little easier, however, there is a simple alternative. Using a screwdriver and hammer, carefully pierce the Oil filter in the end, and then angle it through and pierce it out the side of the filter. This will give you enough leverage to be able to unscrew the old Oil Filter. Once it is off, ensure that the filter mating surface on the engine has no muck on it. Install the new filter. Don’t leak oil all over your pipes to avoid the possiblity of fire and the certainty of annoying smoke.

9. Replace the bolt in the bottom of the engine. This is VERY TRICKY. Many people have stripped out their oil pan plug by over tightening it. DON’T DO THIS. Use a torque wrench (31 lbs. for 2006-2007 R6). If you don’t have a torque wrench only tighten the plug 1/2 a turn past “snug”.

10. Pour your new oil into the bike. After two quarts I check the dipstick every 1/4 of a quart. Be very careful not to overfill on oil. The bike should receive around 2.75 US quarts of oil. However, don’t be surprised if the bike takes a little more than 3 quarts.

Credit: R6blog.com & Z07freak-Youtube.com

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