’75 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer / Brat Style Build: Beginning to End

The Bike:

Removing the Seat:

Removing the Blinkers and Tail Light:

Removing Rear Tire:

Removing Muffler and Rear Peg:

Removing Headlight and Tech:

Removing Exhaust Manifold:

Removing Front Fork and Handle Bar:

Wiring Harness:

Removing Headlight Mount

Removing Handle Bars and Cables:

Removing Rear Shocks:

Removing Rear Wheel:

Removing Starter Cover and Chain Cover:

Removing the Starter (If Only Using Kick Start)

Removing the Swing Arm:

Removing the Triple Tree:

Removing Tabs and Rear Set:

Removing the Carburetor:

Removing the Motor:

Removing Handle Bar Bracket (If Using Clip-on’s)

Welding Seat Pan and Battery Box:

Gas Tank Preperation:


Rear Wheel Assembly:

Update / Frame Explanation:

Powder Coated Frame:

Installing Motor and Swing Arm:

Installing Front Steering Stem:

Installing Front Fork:

How to Re-jet Your Carbs:

Review / Update:

Synchronizing the Carburetor:

End Result:

Credit:ย CZeroMedia

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