Summerization: Getting Your Snowmobile Ready to Store for the Season

By Will Burgess

It’s getting to be that time, with the snow virtually all gone to the north, and little more on the way, you’re probably thinking about getting your snowmobile ready to put away for the season.

Lynx Snowmobile courtesy of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

Here are a few recommendations about how best to “summerize” your sled:

1. Perform a compression test. To do this, you will want a good compression gauge from any automotive store. Open your engine compartment and pull the ignition and fuel supply fuses, then remove the spark plug. Set the throttle wide open and pull start the ignition. If you have a electric starter, crank the engine for ten seconds. Check your gauge, the ideal compression reading is 100 psi per cylinder, but can vary between engines and model years. Consult your owners manual for details.

2. Add fuel stabilizer and run the sled until stabilizer is all throughout the fuel system, then top off the fuel. On carbureted snowmobiles, clamp off the fuel supply line and run the unit until the engine quits.

3. Change the chaincase oil and adjust the chain.

4. Lubricate the suspension and any pivot-points.

5. Loosen the track and inspect it for any wear during the season. Keep the track elevated from the ground.

6. Inspect the hyfax, wear bars, belt, and hoses.

7. Make sure fluids, including coolant is topped off to prevent any excess moisture from accumulating in reservoirs.

8. Hook a battery tender to electric start model sleds or disconnect and charge the battery on all others. Keep the battery in warm conditions whenever possible.

9. Change the oil filter on 4-stroke snowmobiles.

10. Fog the engine with fogging oil.

Now you’re ready to store your sled for the rest of the season. Of course, there are a lot of steps to ensure your snowmobile is stored correctly, but it is worth it when you can get the same performance year after year as you did when your sled was brand new.

A little extra care and and effort can go a long way in ensuring your ditch banger is keeps firing winter after winter.

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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