RECALL ALERT: Product Exchange Notification from Moto Tassinari

By Will Burgess

A recall has been issued by Moto Tassinari for an aftermarket part for Ski-Doo E-TEC 850 vehicles.

Moto Tassinari has determined that part V3122R-873K-2 (V-Force 3 Reed Valve System) experienced failure of the air guide, thereby causing the potential for an obstructed throttle body resulting in possible loss of control and posing a hazard.
In response, Moto Tassinari has created an exchange program for the V3122R-873K-2 on any set that was purchased prior to March 22, 2021

If you believe your vehicle is impacted by this product failure, Moto Tassinari would like to invite you to participate in their V3122R-873K-2 Exchange Program by following the steps below.

Exchange steps are as follows:

1.) Please check your existing air guide: If the air guide looks like the Updated air guide illustration provided below, it is the updated air guide produced after March 22, 2021 and no further action is needed. If the air guide looks like the Original Air Guide illustration provided below, please contact Amanda via email at, so an exchange kit consisting of 2 complete updated replacement petal sets, 2 gaskets, and 2 updated air guides can be sent.

2.) Once you receive the exchange kit, please ship back the two original air guides from the V3122R-873K-2 using the supplied prepaid shipping label.

3.) Upon receipt of the two original air guides, you will be mailed a $100 check for participating in our V3122R-873K-2 exchange program.

PLEASE NOTE: Part number V3122R-873K-2 has been updated to V3122R-873M-2 and the updated replacement reed petal part number is 3P873R-L

This notice is provided as a courtesy to customers of Moto Tassinari products. Any questions regarding this product or exchange should be directed to Moto Tassinari or your retailing dealer.

Moto Tassinari is located at 2 Technology Drive, West Lebanon, NH 03784; TEL: 603.298.6646 FAX: 603.298.6656.
For more information or questions, visit:

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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