On This Day: Fate/Stay Night and the Yamaha V-Max

By Will Burgess

January 30th marks the anniversary of the release of the groundbreaking video game Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon studios, and the first appearance of the protagonist, Saber.

18 years since the release, the franchise has spawned several successful spinoffs in print, animation, and beyond.

Among some of Saber’s more memorable attributes is her command of a heavily modified 1994 Yamaha V-Max in battle during the 2011 Fate/Zero anime series.

Take a look at this incredible photoshoot featuring cosplayer SpookyElectric as Saber with the supremely impressive musclebike.

Yamaha Motor discontinued the V-Max at the end of the 2020 production year, but this legend still lives on in our hearts, much as the legendary Saber, herself.

Will Burgess is an anime nerd and journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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