Sea-Doo Switch Wins Innovation Award for New Sport Pontoon

By Will Burgess

Minneapolis, Minn β€” The Sea-Doo Switch recently took home an Innovation Award, presented by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and Boating Writers International, for the category of new innovations in pontoons.

The NMMA and BWI took notice of this highly customizable, cutting-edge sport pontoon with an affordable price point by awarding the Switch with the prestigious Innovation Award for the pontoon class at the 2022 Minneapolis Boat Show.

β€œWith so many families wanting to get into boating for the first time, the development of the new and affordable Sea-Doo Switch is not only great for the pontoon industry, it’s huge for the entire boating industry,” said Judge Brady Kay.

2022 marks the first model year for the Sea-Doo Switch ultra-light pontoon, which has been, by all accounts a success, meaning the Switch’s forward-thinking design and affordable price point is already turning heads for consumers and industry professionals alike.

The new Sea-Doo Switch

β€œOver the years, we have proven that BRP is able to disrupt the industry by creating new segments,” said JosΓ© Boisjoli, BRP’s President and CEO. “Our team has done it once again with the Sea-Doo Switch, which will revolutionize the pontoon market. Switch is uniquely positioned to attract new entrants and a younger generation.

Starting at $17,999, Sea-Doo has answered the call for an affordable way for first time boat owners to enjoy a day on the lake with the family, while remaining true to what makes Sea-Doo watercraft the leading brand for on-water fun: agility, handling, and most important of all, the capital P in personal watercraft.

The personalization of the Switch with its modular deck, built with configurable tiles, means your ride can be customized based on the kind of adventure you seek.
“[The Switch’s] quick-change deck design can be completely re-configured to fit a solo fishing trip in the morning to a family picnic at noon, and a wakeboard session in the evening,” said Annick Lauzon, Director, Global Marketing, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo at BRP.

Sea-Doo has already introduced several hundred new accessories for the Switch, meaning the customization is limited only by the Captain’s imagination. Additionally, this ultra-light pontoon is powered by a Rotax jet engine, meaning it also handles nimbly, just like a Sea-Doo PWC. It’s the best of both worlds.

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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  1. […] Considering you can do all of this and manage to keep the price point under $30,000 all inclusive, and it’s obvious why the Switch gets out pick for not only being innovative in the boating scene, but also in introducing new, younger riders to powersports and watersports in a vehicle that’s not your dad’s Sun Tracker (and we’re not the only publication that thinks so too!). […]


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