Yamaha Motor of Japan Offers Aide to Ukraine, Ships 215 Portable Generators

By APS Staff

Iwata, Japan β€” Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced Tuesday it has delivered a shipment of portable power generators to aid Ukrainians in the ongoing war effort, via the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Totaling 215 generators in all, the support package was airlifted to the country by JICA, and arrived safely on Friday, Jan. 20.

This shipment of Yamaha generators was carried out in support of the “Overwintering support initiative JAPAN to send generators to Ukrainian people,” an all-Japan effort to help the country’s people survive the winter as large-scale power outages greatly affect day-to-day life, and will help in directly providing electricity to the Ukrainian people.

A total of ten types of Yamaha generators were sent to Ukraine and range from 1 kVA to 21 kVA in capacity, all manufactured by the Yamaha Motor Powered Products division headquartered in Kakegawa City, Japan, and via another group company in China.

In a press release, Yamaha Motor Co. expressed its “deepest sympathies to all the victims affected by this crisis and hopes for a return to peace as quickly as possible.”

The Yamaha EF3000iSE generator is one of ten generator makes sent to Ukraine.

Yamaha had also previously sent a donation of $700,000 in humanitarian aide to Ukraine via the nonprofit Japan Platform.

Cover: Yamaha delivers generators to support Ukraine in their ongoing effort to fight Russian advancement in their country. | Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. Global Press

John TrendsΒ is the Editor in Chief of Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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