Polaris Unveils RZR Pro R ร— Troy Lee Designs Collab Limited Edition ORVs

By Will Burgess

Medina, MN โ€” Late Thursday Polaris (NYSE: PII) finally unveiled a collaboration with Troy Lee Designs they had been teasing for about a week, by introducing a line of 2023 RZR Pro R Limited Edition ORVs.

The new 2023 models rolled out to the public in a stunning blue and orange livery that reminds us of a favorite Matchbox car from childhood!

Take a look at this unboxing video:

Polaris revealed their latest collaboration on Thursday night. | Polaris Industries Ltd.

โ€œWeโ€™re thrilled to continue our partnership with Troy Lee Designs, offering two limited edition RZRs that powerfully demonstrate our shared passion for off-roading and our commitment to premium style, performance, and safety,โ€ said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Polaris Off Road Recreation.

This is the second time TLD has collaborated with Polaris. In late summer 2021, Polaris launched a 2022 General LE model that sold out within two days of its reveal.

This is the second time the two brands have come together to deliver a dynamic limited edition offering, previously collaborating on a limited edition Polaris GENERAL (pictured) in 2022 which sold out in a matter of days. | Polaris Industries Ltd.

Troy Lee, recognized across the world of motorsports for his bold and iconic custom helmet designs worn by world class racers like Chad Reed and Jeremy McGrath, is considered one of the most preeminent custom helmet artists today. The style and gravitas Lee brings to this RZR collaboration with Polaris is ever as exemplary as this ORV looks nothing like what you would typically find on the trails or at the dunes on any given day of the week.

โ€œThe RZR Pro R and RZR 200 are both an incredible design canvas,” said Lee. “The Pro R has power for days, suspension that delivers a ridiculously smooth ride, and strength to manage anything thrown itโ€™s way.”

Lee also shared his enthusiasm with his invitation to work on the art for the youth RZR 200 model, which allows young riders to follow in the tracks of their adult peers. “…The RZR 200 gives the next generation of rider the confidence to tackle the trails,โ€ said Lee.

Lee has also released a matching helmet to complete the look.

Stark electric blue and orange make this TLD helmet pop. The TLD x Polaris RZR Collection helmet can be purchased at troyleedesigns.com | Troy Lee Designs

Although these LE models are not entirely different mechanically or ergonomically from their standard edition counterparts, the Troy Lee variants will include the following features, via a Polaris issued press release:

  • Custom Troy Lee Designsโ€ฏStyling and Graphics โ€“ Exclusive Troy Lee Designs graphics with electric blue and orange retro-styling, including custom-embroidered seats and limited edition interior identification badging displaying the unit number. Each unit also showcases painted color-matched factory accessories including front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, A-Arms, trailing arms and springs.  
  • RIDE COMMAND+ โ€“ Coming factory installed, the Polaris RIDE COMMAND+ delivers all the great features of RIDE COMMAND, including the industry-exclusive 7-inch glove-touch display powered, plus a whole new level of connectivity. The system includes remote vehicle location services, vehicle health monitoring, and over the air updates with new feature releases. GPS navigation and waypoints let riders save specific destinations and follow a guided route so they can find their way even outside of cell range.  
  • Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 HO Audio โ€“ Upgraded from the stock Stage 2 audio package, the Rockford Fosgateยฎ Stage 4 HO audio system turns it up a notch providing the most demanding rider with an off-road audio experience like no other. Delivering powerful and crystal clear sound through 10โ€ 400W subwoofers and new stainless steel tweeters and rear speaker grills, the system looks as good as it sounds.  
  • Pro Armor 5302 Beadlock Wheels and Maxxis Rampage Fury Tire โ€“ The Pro Armor wheels offer ultra-strong performance and undeniable style with a beadlock ring that seamlessly complements the look and style of this limited edition vehicle, while the 32×10-15 tires provide maximum amount of tread to grip rocks, sand and all other terrains with ease, offering optimal performance.  
  • RIGIDโ€ฏSR-Series 32โ€ Combo LED Light Bar โ€“ To keep riders out longer and more confidently into the night, the added 32โ€ RIGID light bar features a powerful 20,064-lumen output and is integratded forward-facing on the roof.   
  • Storage Upgrades โ€“ Long days on the trail require additional supplies. With added Door Storage Bags, riders can keep their belongings secure and easy to access with these seamlessly fitting bags.  
  • Added Strength and Protection โ€“ Equipped with Front and Rear Pre Runner Bumpers and Low-Profile Rock Sliders, these Factory Accessories add additional toughness and protection to the Pro R, keeping even the most aggressive driver blazing the trail.  

Full-size models retail starting at $44,999, and the youth model at $7,499. Prices may vary depending on your local dealer in the US.

Polaris has started a pre-order process at retailing dealers, beginning today for anyone looking to purchase a RZR Pro R LE, a RZR Pro R 4 (four-seater version) or the RZR 200 youth models while quantities are still available. Polaris indicates vehicles will begin shipping in March.

You can learn more about the Troy Lee RZR models at the Polaris Inc. website.

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

A version of this post was shared to PartsPitStop.com.

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