RECALL ALERT: Polaris Recalls 2022-23 RZR Pro R & Pro R 4 Models for Defective Alternators

By Gerard Rossman

Polaris has issued a voluntary stop ride bulletin on select model year 2022 to 2023 RZR Pro R and Pro R 4 ORVs, which it says may have defective alternators installed.

Polaris has identified that less than 200 vehicles may be affected across both model years, based on a production sample built within a specific set of date ranges.
The alternators identified may have been improperly manufactured by the supplier and run the risk of an internal rotor segment that may crack and separate during operation, posing a fire hazard and risk of injury.
Polaris has not indicated any injuries involved with this recall.

A repair procedure to rectify this situation, in the meantime, Polaris has contacted customers to inform them to stop riding these vehicles until which time the repairs have been completed by a certified Polaris dealership, and are further advised not to complete the repairs themselves.

Polaris released this bulletin on Feb. 16, 2023, but has not placed the stop ride information on their product safety webpage at this time. Customers may visit the off-road recalls by VIN portal to check if their unit is involved in the recall action.
Consumers may also call 800-765-2747 to be connected with a customer service representative at Polaris.

Gerard RossmanΒ is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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