Club BRP Kicks off the Snow Check Season for 2024 Models

By Will Burgess

Houston, TX β€” Snowmobile Christmas has come once again as BRP Inc. (NASDAQ: DOOO) unveiled their 2024 models late Monday night at their Club BRP conference in Houston, kicking off the time of year known to sledders as Snow Check, when the big four snowmobile producers also launch their new models.

With Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha just weeks apart from their respective launches, the Ski-Doo and LYNX brands sent out the first salvo with a slate of new changes and upgrades to their snowmobile line.

The most notable impact on the combined BRP lineup is the first-ever electric models will arrive this year in the form of a Ski-Doo Grand Tourer Electric and LYNX Adventure Electric models which will be dedicated exclusively to Uncharted Society, BRP’s global network of certified experience outfitters and tour operators that offer curated powersports adventures. OEM Snowmobile Parts Superstore featuring Polaris, BRP Ski-Doo, Yamaha, and LYNX parts. Shop now.

These models will only have an approximated 31-mile range and be limited to 25 mph, making them a great trail sled for both new and avid riders to join in on a tour of a local destination, while BRP continues to develop their electric offerings to bring more range and more power to their future snowmobile models.
The LYNX electric snowmobiles will only be available in Europe for now.

Ski-Doo and Lynx launch their first ever electric snowmobiles at their conference in Houston, referred to as Club BRP | CNW Group/BRP Inc.


New for 2024, Ski-Doo introduced the MXZ X-RS with the new trail version of the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R featuring an industry-first water injection cooling system in conjunction with XPS Lubricants Ice cooling enhancer using a water and methanol formula to reduce foaming, corrosion, and, of course, freezing. With the added power, engineers also strengthened components of the Competition package to create an even tougher MXZ X-RS designed to withstand the roughest of trails.

XPS Lubricants ICE is the preferred lubricant for the 850 ETEC Turbo R. | BRP INC.

Ski-Doo is expanding the fifth generation of the REV platform to more models. Originally available on 2023 850 models, the next major evolution in Ski-Doo’s riding experience is now available for select 600 and 4-stroke models.

With the introduction of 4-stroke power in the REV Gen 5, the MXZ and Renegade lines of snowmobiles reset their positioning in the larger Ski-Doo lineup with all MXZ models designated 2-stroke and all but one Renegade model as 4-stroke; the only exception: a Renegade Adrenaline Enduro in 2 and 3-cylinder configurations.
The 2024 Backcountry models also see some changes with a move to the REV Gen 5, and will offer a more athletic look, trail precision and straight-line tracking improvements, and better balance of control.

The deep snow family gets a re-engineered Freeride model that the most hardcore riders will appreciate by establishing what BRP calls “a new standard of handling” for the riders that love to thrash and bash in deep snow.

Ski-Doo released a full lineup of 2024 snowmobiles late on Monday. | CNW Group/BRP Inc.

“The new MXZ X-RS is the ultimate trail sled, truly at the pinnacle of high performance,” said JΓ©rΓ©mi Doyon-Roch, Manager, Global Marketing, Snowmobile and Cross Brand Initiatives at BRP. “We’ve combined the best components to deliver an unforgettable ride that will leave the most ardent skeptics smiling from ear to ear. We’ve also deployed the REV Gen5 platform on the Renegade, Backcountry and Grand Touring, to offer riders the best possible technologies, refined performance and ultimately, the best experience ever on a snowmobile.”

Returning for 2024 are Ski-Doo minis: the youth MXZ 120 and 200 models, as well as the larger MXZ and Summit Neo and Neo+ models (starting at $6,749 MSRP) which are low-horse, but compact sleds that are great for both shorter riders or those just starting to cut their teeth on a full-size sled.

This year’s snow check period is minty-fresh, in this special, pre-order only Neo Mint color, available on select sleds. | BRP INC.

And, it had to be mentioned, BRP’s popular Neo Mint colorway, which has been been found on Sea-Doo Wake 170s and becoming ever popular as a sled wrap, may be coming to a snowmobile near you, as the Freeride, Summit, and Backcountry receive this special, spring check only color.


LYNX, Scandinavian brand from the BRP family has expanded their snowmobile offerings from the only two standard models you could buy when the brand was introduced to North America in model year 2022, to six total model/trim combinations, all meant for deep snow and mountain enthusiasts.

Lynx expands the Radien2 platform and adds the RE package to its best selling model | CNW Group/BRP Inc.

The Lynx Radien2 platform, with its new design, on the US Rave and Xterrain models offers a smoother ride with less vibration and allows the rider to move freely to control the balance of the snowmobile, adapting to the requirements of varying terrain.

“At Lynx, we build snowmobiles for riders as tough as our sleds, driving our community to find new limits in the ride and break through them,” said JΓ©rΓ©mi Doyon-Roch.
“Our new 2024 models are no different. The expansion of the Radien2 platform… and the new technologies we are introducing make our sleds the best snowmobile to overcome whatever winter throws at us.”

Models available in North America include the Rave RE and Xterrain RE 850 E-TEC with the new Radien2 platform, the Xterrain 900 ACE Turbo R, and the Shredder series including the DS with a new 34 in. ski stance. Also new in the Shredder offerings will be a Shredder RE 3700 850 E-TEC Turbo R, and select RE model owners can embrace the dark with a black coloration making this the first North American model in a color scheme other than their LYNX Viper Red.

No longer just available in “any color so long as its red,” the Shredder RE gets the Henry Ford treatment with a new black and platinum silver color scheme. | BRP INC.

For more details about the 2024 Ski-Doo and LYNX snowmobile models, including full specs and technical information, visit or .

Will Burgess is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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