How to Check a Snowmobile’s Ski Toe

If you live in a cold climate, snowmobiling gives you a reason to get outside in the winter and enjoy Mother Nature. A snowmobile uses a track and two skis to drive over the snow and has a surprising amount of traction. The skis on the snowmobile are similar to the front wheels on an automobile; their alignment directly affects the handling and steering of the machine and should be checked periodically.



1) Park the snowmobile on a flat, solid surface like a concrete floor in a garage. Position the snowmobile’s skis straight forward.

2) Locate the front and back bolts that secure the carbides to the skis. These are the two fasteners located in the middle of the skis.

3) Measure the distance between the center of the two front mounting bolts for the carbides on each ski with a measuring tape.

4) Measure the distance between the center of the two rear mounting bolts for the carbides on each ski.

5) Compare the measurements. There shouldn’t be no more than 1/4 to 1/2 inch difference between the two measurements. The front of the skis should be slightly wider apart than the rear for proper alignment.

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