How to Install ATV Hand Warmers

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs or four-wheelers) can be great fun for cavorting off-road in the woods, a field, even mud pits. The toughness of the vehicle allows you to drive in any type of weather–sunny, rainy or snowy. Its limitations are based solely on the driver’s willingness to ride in adverse conditions. If you want to ride in cold weather, installing hand warmers will increase the number of days and opportunities you have to enjoy riding your ATV.



1) Remove the handlebar end weights with a breaker bar and its appropriately sized socket attachment.

2) Cut off or “burp” off the grips. If you plan to throw away the grips, cut them off with a razor blade. If you plan to reuse the grips, burp them off. To burp off, attach an inflation needle to an air compressor. Slip the needle between each grip and handlebar. Inject compressed air between the grip and handlebar, then slide the grip off the handlebar. Set aside.

3) Rid the handlebars of any leftover adhesive with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry.

4) Wrap the left handlebar with one layer of electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing.

5) Apply the left hand warmer directly to the left handlebar, and the right warmer to the throttle tube on the right handlebar. Install the warmers with their wires stemming from the anterior side of the handlebars (the side opposite your palms), leading toward the body of the ATV.

6) Spray the handlebars with hair spray. While the hair spray is still wet, slide the grips onto the handlebars.

7) Route the hand warmer wires to the ATV battery directly or through an ignition-switched SPST relay. Attach the wires using a ring terminal connector and a crimping tool.

Extra Tips:

  • When wiring the hand warmer circuit, install an on/off switch or variable heat controller to manage the heat output. Use a switched power source to prevent accidentally draining the battery while the ATV is not in use.
  •  The hand warmers should be labeled left/right or clutch/throttle–install them accordingly.
  •  Apply hair spray to the handlebars sparingly. Excess will lengthen the drying time.
  •  Leave enough slack on the throttle warmer so the wires are not pulled taut when the throttle is twisted.
  •  Do not use soap to lubricate the handlebars when replacing the grips. The hair spray will evaporate, but soap may cause the grips and throttle to malfunction.

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