How to Make a Dirt Bike Track

You’ve probably been riding for a while or you just started riding. But over time you may think “I want to be like a pro one day.” One way to start is making a track. Here’s how.


  1. Find a location where you can build your track. If you do not own property, you will need to find a landowner who is willing to allow you to build it, and the landowner will be liable for damages or injuries that occur there. Here are some things you will need to look at when selecting the location for your track.
  2. Ride your dirt bike wherever you want your track to be.
  3. Remove unwanted obstacles like brush, trees, or large rocks along the path you have selected.
  4. Get a roller to flatten out ruts in the ground from were your track is.
  5. Haul dirt to the spot were you want your ramps to be.
  6. Get your roller and roll it over the pile of dirt then get a shovel and shape your ramp.
  7. Pile up dirt around the corners where you want sharp turns to be located. That’s called a curb.
  8. Ride over your track a few times to make sure it’s how you want it.

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