RECALL ALERT: 2022 Spyder F3 Models Rearview Mirrors May Dislodge During Operation

By Gerard Rossman

BRP has announced a voluntary recall bulletin #2022-19 for 2022 Can-Am Spyder F3 and F3-S models which may be susceptible to having the rearview mirrors dislodge from the housing on the vehicles.

Although no injuries have been reported, the decreased visibility from the loss of one or both of the mirror lenses could increase the risk of a crash.

BRP has not issued a Stop Ride notification for these vehicles, however they have instituted the following advisory for safe operation until a repair can be completed:

If you need to ride your vehicle before the repair, please proceed with the following steps before the ride:
1.Move each of the mirror lenses in the 4 axes until the end of the travel (left, right, up and down).
2. Adjust your mirrors.
3.Do not ride the vehicle, if a mirror lens has dislodged.

Image: an example of a mirror assembly on a model year 2022 Spyder F3.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, consumers submitted warranty repairs and complaints to BRP in an increasing volume resulting in an internal investigation which uncovered select models manufactured between January and May of 2022 had faulty mirror assemblies.
BRP has improved the quality of the assemblies as a result and will begin disbursing the updated mirror assemblies to certified dealers starting in the spring.

Vehicle owners are advised to schedule an appointment with their local dealership to perform the recall repair work free of charge. Further, owners should not attempt to repair their vehicles themselves.

Consumers will be notified of this recall in letters to be disbursed by BRP within the next week. Any customer who feels the repair work was not completed satisfactorily or if an owner incurred a cost of repair under this recall/warranty period is advised to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration using recall reference #23VO53.

More information can be found at BRP’s Can-Am On Road Safety Recalls website, or by contacting BRP Customer Services at 1-888-272-9222.

Gerard RossmanΒ is a journalist with Adrenaline Powersports Mag

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